PEQ-C (“peeksee”) is a C-implemented SDK for graphical programs and games.

Some of the latest features of PEQ-C. Darwin sprite source

As the name suggests, PEQ-C is written in C, with C implementation in mind. The library utilises the exceptional SDL framework (www.libsdl.org), including:

  • SDL2
  • SDL2_image
  • SDL2_TTF

Clone or download PEQ-C at Github here.

I built PEQ-C from the ground up as a framework on which to build other things, and that is precisely its purpose. The library was a lot of fun to make, and when it’s finished will have everything needed to make almost any graphical application.

At present, PEQ-C offers structures and functionality for simple application of the following:

  • loop calling functions for things like:
    • handling input events;
    • clearing screen;
    • drawing screen;
    • frame rate control;
  • loading and drawing for simple shapes:
    • rectangle;
    • point;
    • circle;
  • initialising and drawing:
    • images;
    • text;
    • sprites;
  • controllers for:
    • 2D vectors
    • tweening;
    • sprite sheet row and frame cycle changing;
  • a bunch of other stuff that I will include in the far-off  API.